Pole lighting with traditional aesthetics.



Fixtures available in multiple lumen packages, most popular item numbers below.

Please refer to LED spec sheet above for all LED fixture model information.

Custom packages available upon request.


Category Item Description
QubeLot3 QL3-BZ-UNVH-3-5-50-15-100 QubeLot3 | 17,410 Lumens | 5000K | 140W | 347/480V | Bronze | 1000mA | 3 Qube
QubeLot3 QL3-BZ-UNVH-3-5-50-15-115 QubeLot3 | 19,740 Lumens | 5000K | 168W | 347/480V | Bronze | 1150mA | 3 Qube
QubeLot3 QL3-BZ-UNVH-3-5-50-15-900 QubeLot3 | 15,820 Lumens | 5000K | 125W | 347/480V | Bronze | 900mA | 3 Qube



The QubeLot3 exterior pole lighting is the ideal lighting solution for new construction or retrofit projects. This LED fixture offers an array of options to accommodate any pole lighting requirement, including an assortment of light distributions, on-board controls, luminaire finishes, and lumen packages. The QubeLot3 will equal or surpass most existing fluorescent, high-pressure sodium or metal halide pole lights. This LED fixture will radically reduce maintenance costs.


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