High Bay LED Lights

High bay is a powerful light source that can provide light for a large area. High Bay Led Lights are a good choice for any location with high ceilings, like warehouses, workshops, factories, assembly lines, supermarkets, barns, gyms, storage facilities, large conference halls, event centers, recreational facilities, and other places that have high ceilings.

When it comes to lighting up large warehouses, one of our most consistent go-to products for High bay LED lights and LED shop lights is known as the Bayline. The Bayline is a one by four High bay LED light fixture with an input power ranging from 101 – 240 watt with an efficacy rating of 143 – 150 lumens per watt. It is a dry rated fixture so it is for indoor uses only. It can come in either low or high voltage (120 – 277V and 347 – 480V). Not only does the Bayline fixture have a 10 year warranty, but one of the greatest advantages that come with this fixture is the L70 rating (lifetime) of 200,000 hours! You can even extend its lifetime through the use of a 0-10v dimmer (that’s right! Its dimmable!) There is also a large selection of accessories as well, from an occupancy sensor, to a battery backup. The Bayline High bay LED light fixture only comes in 5000 kelvin. Depending on what wattage is desired in this LED shop light, the lumen output will be around 15,000 to 34,000 lumens.

Standard use for this High bay LED light fixture is warehouses, storage units, medical manufacturing facilities and the like. When it comes to looking for the best use of your as far as ceiling height is concerned, would be a bare minimum of fifteen feet for LED high bay lighting. There is also a range of beam spread angles as well, depending on the amount of coverage you would want within the structure and how far spread you would want High bay LED lights fixture to be.

Select Correct High Bay LED Shop Lights For Your Needs

There are many factors involved in selecting the correct type of LED high bay lighting fixture for your needs. LED Lighting of Houston will come out to your establishment and perform a complimentary survey in order to provide an accurate assessment of what is required for LED shop lights. For example, if you were looking for a Bayline fixture that is low voltage and has a regular beam spread (about 90 degrees) with a light output of around 15,000 lumens then we would come out to your facility. At your facility, we would measure your space and run a photometric layout. After that we would provide you with the following product: BLN1-1-UNVL-50-70-B-90-Y (HighBay Luminaire | 101W | 15,100 Lumen | 5000K | 120-277V | 90 Degree Beam Angle | Dimmable).

The ExsaBayXLE is another example of high bay light and LED shop lights that we might recommend, because this LED shop light fixture is an economical, high performance, scalable high bay solution that can replace existing fluorescent, high-pressure sodium and metal handle technologies. In other words, we will recommend the right lighting for you depending on your needs.

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Led Lighting of Houston sells the longest lasting and most efficient commercial LED lights in the world. From explaining the benefits, using your blue prints to making a custom layout, or doing a site survey for a retrofit; We are the leader in Houston for commercial lighting solutions. Let us help you understand why LEDs are superior and do a return on investment or new cost analysis for your High Bay LED lighting project. Call us Today  (832) 740-7983!

If you choose quality LED High Bay lights from National LED, converting your incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent lighting system to LED will not only save you money; it will provide your industrial or warehouse space with cleaner, more efficient light which will require virtually no maintenance over the life of the fixtures.

LED Lighting of Houston Offers the Most Versatile Collection of High Bay LED Lights

Why Do We Recommend the Use of High Bay LED Lights?

Warehouses, shops, and other industrial settings are known to use different kinds of lighting technologies when there’s a need for high bay lighting. Earlier, the most popular lighting options used to be MH or Metal Halide, Fluorescent, and HPS or High-Pressure Sodium. However, we have ensured that the people of Houston don’t look beyond high bay LED lights with our huge collection of lighting products. Find out what makes us recommend LED lights for high bay lighting.

LED vs. Metal Halide: Use of MH lamps used to be extremely common in warehouses and sporting facilities. Although they offer satisfactory color rendering, they come with a series of drawbacks. The most prominent one among them is their inability to warm up quickly.

At times, these lights take 20 to 30 minutes to warm up. Their maintenance costs are also pretty high. Additionally, a large share of the energy produced by these lights gets wasted in the form of heat. The LED units we offer will never expose you to any of these issues.

LED vs. HPS: Many recreational facilities, warehouses, and business units in Houston are still using HPS lights. That’s primarily because of the cheap selling price of these lamps. However, with zero maintenance cost, the overall cost of having high bay LED shop lights turns out to be much less. What’s more, unlike the HPS bulbs, their LED counterparts offer amazing color rendering. The time taken by the LED units to warm us is also much less.

LED vs. Fluorescent Lights: The use of fluorescent lighting in industrial setups is not as common as the MH and HPS lights. Some shops and warehouses do opt for this option due to its low initial expenses. However, most business owners avoid using these lights as their downsides are pretty hazardous.

Fluorescent bulbs contain toxic mercury, which can be eliminated only by using specific waste disposal methods. Additionally, their lifespan decreases significantly if you need to switch them on and off. You’ll need to have a ballast for stabilizing these lights. It’s needless to say that high bay LED shop lights will never require you to bear such additional expenses.

We Have High Bay LED Lights to Match All Your Requirements

Our clients’ list includes businesses of all possible types. This has forced us to keep adding LED lights of various kinds to our collection. Today, we can proudly announce that LED Lighting of Houston can provide you with all kinds of LED lights you may need for high bay lighting. Read on to get acquainted with our current collection.

Round Lights: Experts and technicians often refer to the round high bay lights as UFO lights thanks to their saucer-shaped structure (that resembles the structure of spaceships). Installing these units are pretty easy as they are only required to be hung at a single point.

We recommend the use of round LED bulbs in warehouses with extremely high ceilings. The light from these units is emitted at an angle of 120 degrees, which makes it a perfect option for 13 ft high ceilings.

Over the years, we have also installed round high bay lights in restaurants with 13 ft high ceilings. The lights we generally use for this purpose are 100-watt units. You can also get in touch with us for installing UFO high bay lights in open commercial spaces with ceilings as high as 25 ft. When handling such projects, we usually use high bay LED lights of 240 watts.

When shopping for high bay lights, you should not forget to enquire about lumens. The available wattage of a light bulb can be high but if the lumens are off, you’ll not get the best possible lighting.

Linear Lights: This is one of the most frequently purchased types of LED light when it comes to high bay lighting. A large number of warehouses and grocery stores we have served so far have picked linear LED lights for lighting up their facilities. Indeed, the design of these lights tend to be significantly similar to that of the T8 bulbs; however, they have no similarities when it comes to their features.

We recommend the use of the linear high bay LED shop lights to clients looking to light up truly large buildings. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can install long and slender or long and wide linear lights.

If the space you are looking to light up has lots of shelving or aisles, the long and slender linear lights will offer you the best results. Installing a light over every aisle should be the way to go for you to ensure that all the products displayed get illuminated.

When you will contact us to share your lighting needs, the first thing our expert would tell you to do is determine the exact purpose of hiring our services. For instance, if you want us to light up your retail store, you must choose an option that will positively affect the buying habits of your customers.

If the space covered by the store is big, installing high bay LED lights of 200 watts would do wonders to the look and feel of the store. For a smaller space, on the other hand, you should opt for softer lights; bulbs of 100 watts should be enough for illuminating such spaces.

Strip Lights: Earlier, the term “strip lights” was primarily used for fluorescent bulbs that ran in long strips. However, due to the elaborate installation and electrical works required, such lighting is avoided nowadays.

The strip lights that we install are all LED lights and thus will never require you to worry about complications associated with installation. Depending on your preference, you can choose to have strips that are 8ft, 4ft, or 2 ft long. For greater coverage, you can run multiple strips together.

Why Should You Rely on Us When Buying High Bay LED Shop Lights?

We are the most trusted LED lighting contractor in Houston. When it comes to commercial LED lighting solutions, no other company in the city can meet your needs as comprehensively as we do. Our company is represented by a team of experts who can provide you with LED lighting solutions customized according to your requirements.

We follow a four-step process to ensure all our clients are happy with the results we offer. We begin by assessing the space we will have to light up. Based on the findings of the assessment, we design the layout and then carry out the installation job. In the final step, we allow our customers to inspect the job done by us and inform us whether there’s anything that they want to be changed. We take the required actions as quickly as possible.

Since the day of our inception, we have worked with clients belonging to an array of industries. This has provided our technicians with practical experience in lighting various structures such as warehouses, indoor sports facilities, industrial units, food & beverage counters, and more. As we have already mentioned, the one feature that’s common in all these facilities is the tall ceiling. The high bay LED shop lights are capable of offering powerful lighting and thus are suitable for these facilities.

The LED units we install are of the highest quality. They are forty times more durable compared to the other high bay lighting options available on the market. The products in our collection are also highly energy efficient. You will see your energy bills decrease significantly, the moment you replace your old high bay lights with bulbs offered by us. The operational expenses of these lights are almost nil, which is another reason why more and more businesses are turning to LED high bay lights.

One of the main reasons behind our success as a commercial LED lighting company is the team of professionals working for us. These people have decades of experience behind them and they have seen how LED lighting has successfully replaced all traditional lighting options. If you have any confusion regarding the efficacy of having LED lights in your store, warehouse, restaurant, or sporting facility, our technicians will educate you about the loopholes of other lighting technologies in use currently.

You must have heard that LED lights are costlier than all other lighting options in use at the moment. If you hire us to light up your commercial space, you can rest assured about the fact that we will complete the job for the best possible price. You will neither need to spend a fortune nor have to compromise with quality. You will have a tough time finding .

You may be looking to install lights in a new building or might require us to replace the old lights with LED high bay lights, we will be able to complete the job with perfection. We are experts even when it comes to retrofitting.

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