High Bay LED Lights

When it comes to lighting up large warehouses, one of our most consistent go-to products for High bay LED lights and LED shop lights is known as the Bayline. The Bayline is a one by four High bay LED light fixture with an input power ranging from 101 – 240 watt with an efficacy rating of 143 – 150 lumens per watt. It is a dry rated fixture so it is for indoor uses only. It can come in either low or high voltage (120 – 277V and 347 – 480V). Not only does this fixture have a 10 year warranty, but one of the greatest advantages that come with this fixture is the L70 rating (lifetime) of 200,000 hours! You can even extend its lifetime through the use of a 0-10v dimmer (that’s right! Its dimmable!) There is also a large selection of accessories as well, from an occupancy sensor, to a battery backup. This High bay LED light fixture only comes in 5000 kelvin. Depending on what wattage is desired in this LED shop light, the lumen output will be around 15,000 to 34,000 lumens.

Standard use for this High bay LED light fixture is warehouses, storage units, medical manufacturing facilities and the like. When it comes to looking for the best use of your as far as ceiling height is concerned, would be a bare minimum of fifteen feet for LED high bay lighting. There is also a range of beam spread angles as well, depending on the amount of coverage you would want within the structure and how far spread you would want High bay LED lights fixture to be.

Select High Bay LED Shop Lights

There are many factors that involve selecting which type of LED high bay lighting like the Bayline fixture would the best fit for what you would need, LED Lighting of Houston will come out to your establishment and do complimentary survey in order to provide an accurate assessment of what is required for a LED shop lights. For example, if you were looking for a Bayline fixture that is low voltage and has a regular beam spread (about 90 degrees) with light output of around 15,000 lumens we would provide you with the following product: BLN1-1-UNVL-50-70-B-90-Y (HighBay Luminaire | 101W | 15,100 Lumen | 5000K | 120-277V | 90 Degree Beam Angle | Dimmable) after measuring your facility and running a photometric layout.

The ExsaBayXLE is another great use for LED high bay lighting and LED shop lights. This LED shop light fixture has a wider range in wattage than the bayline.