Airport LED lights to provide airports with ample lighting!

For those who have been to an airport in Houston would know how important it is to have adequate lighting there. Well, an airport covers a huge area, which requires ample lighting. And, there was a time when airports in Houston were only using metal halide lamps and incandescent bulbs. But things are quite different now with arrival of LED lights.

There is a reason why most airports are investing in LED lighting. It’s because they know the fact that the energy consumption can be reduced up to 75% by replacing traditional lights at airports with LED lights.

LED Lighting Of Houston has been providing high-quality LED lights for many years. We have built a reputation in the market for being the suppliers of choice for major international airports to even smaller regional airports.

We are a universal leader in supplying LED lights. From apron lighting to high-mast ramp illumination to mobile tower lights to illumination of cargo platforms to airport LED lights for the aviation area to large area lighting, we supply them all. 

Let’s check out some of the benefits of our LED lights:

  • They improve lighting conditions on the ramp
  • From GSE operators to ground staff to pilots to passengers, they all get better visibility
  • These lights save you a lot of money as they reduce energy consumption
  • No warming up is required as they start instantly
  • They offer high color rendering
  • Help in improving CCTV visibility at the airport
  • They have Low glare
  • It is a proven technology which is used all over the world
  • Need for maintenance is quite less
  • These lights last longer smart controls integration

Check out some of the airport LED lights!       

  • Mobile Tower Lights
  • LED Luminaires
  • Airport LED Floodlights 

We know how important LED lights are for airports. They are way better than a sports projector or street lamp for your platforms. When you need a reliable source to buy airport LED lights, LED Lighting Of Houston is the right choice.

Why choose us for airport LED lights in Houston?

  • We have a special range of lights that are successful in even extreme climates
  • We sell lightings that are made for challenging environments like the tropics, where hurricane grade lighting is required.
  • LED lights that we sell are made of state-of-the-art technology
  • Our prices are the most competent

Airport lighting is pretty important, especially when it comes to outdoor lighting. To get these lights is pretty easy now. Contact us at (832) 740-7983 and get your LED lights for the airport.