Our sales team will find you the right solution for your project, while delivering amazing customer service.

What really matters is a salesperson that has experience in not just selling but lighting. All of teams are factory trained on our products, are knowledgeable in bidding construction plans, and making site visits to determine what fixture would be best for the application. Did you know our parking lot fixtures have 3 different lenses and a total of over 30 configurations? That’s when it matters that you have someone who knows their LEDs like the back of their hands! A minimum of five years experience is required for all of our sales persons.

In the video below, Joshua Pitts discusses the importance of a project manager and the role he takes on when working with a client. It is extremely important to have a manufacturer that backs you up with engineering, customer support and a design team. These resources become increasingly valuable when in the field and needing to asses an unexpected situation or needing to make a change on the fly. Click play and listen in on Project Management: LED Lighting with Joshua Pitts.