In July of 2019 Hiley Automotive (which owns 7 car dealerships throughout the Dallas metroplex) completed their LED Lighting project in Fort Worth, Texas. The company which started with converting their Buick, Subaru and Honda dealerships was given a rebate from Oncor energy. The documents below show the savings which the company will incur on a yearly basis and also shows the rebate dollars in which the company was provided by the local utility for installing energy efficient LED Lighting. LED rebates are mandated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas to expedite the use of beneficial technologies. LEDs which are helping to lessen he load on nuclear power plants are extremely beneficial as the demand for energy is rising and the cost of building nuclear power plants out weighs the cost of rebates making them a powerful tool for cities that want to reduce the amount of energy being used (especially when it comes to LED lighting for warehouse highbays and LED lighting parking lots).

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