LED Lighting of Houston using leading industry analysis technology to provide you with a plan to get the most efficient lighting and cut costs.

LED of Houston surveys projects for Retrofits across the country. We are ready to assist your warehouse, parking lot or building for an LED Conversion. With state of the art AIG32 CAD software we can take your blueprints or survey your building  for you an LED conversion and turn them into a heat map that shows how may foot candles your area will receive with our lights and how many lights you will need. Nothing is more important than making sure your area is illuminated to the correct foot candle as suggested by the society of illumination engineers. We also take into account our expertise and experience on job sites. One example is the common notion we believe in that there can never be enough light but too little of light will immediately be noticed. We often recommend exceeding typical light levels as recommended by architects because if you double the light levels nothing bad comes from it. However, one small mistake and if your light levels are below average you can be fixing a costly mistake.

Foot candles are a term you will hear often and is the measurement of light. This is the most commonly used measurement of light. While there are others this is the standard for America. Please call us to learn more about lighting and terminology that is important for your new build or retrofit LED project.