The banking industry has specialized requirements for lighting. LED Lighting of Houston understands the unique requirements of large commercial banks. We talk to our clients about their specific needs and provide unique solutions to meet your requirements. Our LED bank lights meet regulatory standards and illuminate indoor as well as outdoor areas of a bank.

LED Lighting of Houston has considerable experience in this field and takes care of the challenges involved in the process. Whether you need to brighten up areas around the ATM or looking for the best indoor lighting solutions, we guarantee the best result. Different types of exterior and interior LED bank lights are manufactured by LED Lighting of Houston and you can create customized lighting solutions after consulting our experts.

Ensure Safety of Banks with Bright LED Bank Lights

Banks utilize different types of lighting to ensure a safe and secure working environment. The banks require long lasting and efficient lights that are suitable for different conditions. Accordingly, we supply pole lights, wall packs and flashlights for the building’s exterior, ATMs and parking lots. For the interior, recessed lighting is generally preferred to create a comfortable ambience.

Why Pick LED Bank Lights from LED Lighting of Houston?

LED lights have multiple benefits. They are powerful, durable, economical and energy-efficient. As a result, their requirement in the banking industry is unmatched. The LED bank lights are specially manufactured to keep maintenance costs minimum. They use about 50% less energy as compared to traditional lights and considerably bring down operational costs.

We always strive to offer maximum customer satisfaction and in keeping with our objective, strategize the most effective lighting solutions for our banking clients. Discuss your requirements with our team and get complimentary proof of concept programs, cost analysis, custom layout designing services, site survey and a thorough return on investment (ROI) analysis.

At LED Lighting of Houston, you can approach specialists for versatile lighting applications. We have a huge range of exterior as well as interior lights in stock. Depending on your preference, you can choose the most appropriate models. If you wish to check out our full catalog, do share your email address and we will soon get back to you.

We also offer money savings analysis, rebate management and site surveys for our clients. To discuss about lighting solutions and other services offered by LED Lighting of Houston, talk to us at (832) 740 7983. Alternatively, write to our experts at