LED Parking Garage Lights

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LEDs Can Help With Safer Parking And Security

Safer Parking

Our LED parking garage lights come in a variety of lumen packages providing you with the ideal lighting solution.

Reduce Costs

LEDs have a longer lifetime than traditional lighting options and require less maintenance.

Improve Sustainability

Energy-efficient LED lighting will help to reduce the carbon footprint of your parking garage.

Qubepark 3

The perfect solution for parking garages and walkways! The Qubepark3 comes in multiple lumen packages to provide the ideal lighting to increase driver experience. The classic design blends in well with any architecture, making implementation simple for both retrofits and new construction. Call today to find out about our complete lighting packages and schedule a consultation today.


The VaporStar provides evenly distributed LED light with a classic design. This parking garage fixture is known for its durability and and efficiency, making it ideal for replacing HIDs.  High-efficiency 5000K, 80 CRI LEDs mounted to a steel gear tray, ensure optimal thermal management and long life. Call today to find out about our complete lighting packages and schedule a consultation today.

High Quality LED Parking Garage lighting is essential for providing safety and security to you customers.

Our custom LED parking garage solutions will help to eliminate shadows and improve visibility, helping people feel safer and in more control. Long-lasting LEDs will also save you money by reducing energy costs and maintenance expenses.

What to look for when Purchasing LED Parking Garage Lights

1. The Company

The first and most important factor when purchasing an LED Parking Garage Fixture is the quality of the company that the LED fixture comes from.  Is the company reputable? What is the warranty? How long is the fixture rated to last? What is the availability?  LED Lighting of Houston is based in a 60,000 square foot facility where every fixture is designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA.  Many companies, such as Ashley Furniture, has experienced the benefits of converting their lighting to LED and you can see the case study here on our parent companies website, National LED: https://www.nationalled.com/case-studies/ashley-furniture-case-study/. When it comes to converting lights in the parking garage to LED fixtures, look no further than the QubePark XL.

2. The Fixture

The QubePark XL is a slim low profile lighting solution for the parking garage where it is easily mounted below the canopy deck. Available in two sizes, this fixture can perfectly blend into any architectural design and can replace CFL fixtures and the metal halides as well. If need be, this fixture can be pendant mounted. It also comes with a Type V lens, where it distributes the light efficiently. This fixture is available in 4000 kelvin and 5000 kelvin, which is perfectly ideal for security.

3. L70 Rating

One of the most important things to look for when qualifying the quality of the light fixture is the L70 rating. This rating refers to the lifetime of the fixture and is tested in a lab sphere 24 hours a day 7 days a week (link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAeY4OhKWI0). The quality of light over time is also measured as well. The QubePark XL has an L70 rating of 200,000 hours, which is about 15 – 20 years.

4. The Warranty

One of the most common concerns that tend to come up when it comes to purchasing any integrated LED fixtures is if it does burn out before the lifetime rating, what tends to happen?  One of the greatest benefits with purchasing a QubePark XL is the fact that it comes with a 10 year warranty, which is always honored. In other words if a light goes bad we will send a replacement right away!

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LED Parking Garage Lights

When it comes to LED parking lights, parking garage lights, is just another essential element within the structure of the complex of ones company. There is a vast amount of ways and fixtures to utilize parking garage lights. One of the most common parking garage light is through the use of a fluorescent light bulb, specifically, a T5. Because LED parking lights are taking over, many manufacturers and distributors are fading out on fluorescent light bulbs for parking garage lights and many other applications for both commercial, residential and even industrial. LED Lighting of Houston has several methods of applying LED parking lights.

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