Commercial LED Parking Lot Lights

When it comes to making sure customers feel safe at night, parking lot lights have been an essential part of every business, ever since parking lot lights were invented. Recently when lighting companies began to provide LED lights for sale, LED parking lights are becoming the new standard due to the efficiency of the lumens per watt of these parking lot lights. LED Lighting of Houston has been a leading provider of Commercial LED parking lights.

LED Parking Lot Lights for sale

One of the LED lights for sale that LED lighting of Houston provides is known as the DoradoXL. These parking lot lights have been provided to places like retail centers and car dealerships. When it comes to commercial LED parking lights, not all of these parking lot lights have to be at five-thousand Kelvin. Typically people who are not familiar with LED parking lights (or lighting in general) think that every LED light for sale that we have is only that bright white (5000 K) color. But in the case of the DoradoXL, this parking lot light fixture comes in other color temperatures, such as three-thousand Kelvin and four-thousand Kelvin. This commercial LED parking lot light fixture has an input power ranging from around 96 watts to 347 watts and an efficacy ranging from 138 – 144 lumens per watt. It has an L70 rating 152,000 hours and, like most LED lights that we have for sale, has a 10 year warranty after purchasing.

Depending on what is needed as for as input voltage is concerned in these LED parking light fixtures, LED Lighting of Houston can provide a low voltage (120 – 277V) and high voltage (208 – 480V) version of the DoradoXL. This fixture is also built to withstand every weather condition that the city of Houston throws at it. And like all the other LED lights for sale, there are accessories that can be provided.

If you have a 25’ pole in your parking lot and are wanting to find a light that is close to day light, LED Lighting of Houston would suggest the fixture with we would suggest the following: QDXL1-23-50-UNVH-N-1-5M-N (DoradoXL Area Light: 31,000L | 5000K | 231W | 208-480V | 5M Lense | Bronze).

LED Lighting of Houston Offers a Wide-ranging Collection of LED Parking Lot Lights

Why Do We Recommend the Use of LED Parking Lot Lights?

LED Lighting of Houston is the most trusted name in the city when it comes to commercial LED parking lot lights. We get hundreds of calls everyday enquiring about the reasons why we recommend the use of LED parking lot lights. While our customer care executives are the best people to educate you about the benefits of LED fixtures, the section below presents an excerpt of what they will say upon receiving your call.

Reduced Expenses: The moment you’ll replace the regular lighting fixtures in a parking lot with LED lights, there will be a considerable drop in the maintenance and energy costs for that part of your building. The LED lights we install will remain useful for at least 100,000 hours, which ensures that you will not need to replace them for at least a decade and a half even if you keep the lights on for 24 hours.

Energy Savings: One of the main reasons why more and more people are looking for LED parking lot lights for sale is that these units are 70% more energy efficient compared to their HID counterparts. This means you can replace a 1000-watt HID bulb with a 300-watt LED unit and still enjoy the same level of illumination.

Enhanced Light Quality: Building managers also often search for LED parking lot lights for sale as they want the lighting quality in the area to improve. High-quality LED bulbs enable efficient color rendering. While the color rendering index rating of metal halide bulbs is 50, the number increases to 75 for LED units.

The difference will be even more prominent if you compare the LEDs with orange HPS bulbs (one of the most common lighting types found in commercial parking spaces). The latter’s color rendering index rating is just 20.

Stylish: You should consider opting for commercial LED parking lot lights even if you are looking to enhance the aesthetics of the parking space of a building.

Indeed, if the parking space is located at the back of your warehouse, there’s no need to take care of the appearance of the area. However, you must be ready to walk the extra mile to look after the aesthetics if the parking area is linked to a retail zone, where making customers happy always remains the main target.

LED parking lot lights will allow you to improve the look of the parking space while offering a range of other benefits including cost-effectiveness.

No Maintenance: As we have already mentioned, if you hire us to light up your parking lot, you can expect the fixtures installed by us to run for years to come. To be more precise, they will remain functional for around two decades. During this phase, you will not need to change any bulbs or ballasts.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you will be able to dim or brighten the lights. This feature will allow you to alter the brightness of your commercial LED parking lot lights seamlessly if the local law sets the limit for the brightness of parking area lighting for decreasing light pollution.

Increased Safety: The frequency of criminal activities in parking lots is pretty high. This leaves business owners extremely concerned about the security of their customers and workers. One way they can bring an end to the problem is by looking for high-quality LED lights for sale. Installing LED parking lot lights will also help in preventing driving accidents.

CCTVs often fail to capture clear images of intruders due to the lack of proper lighting. You can bring an end to this problem by installing LED bulbs in your parking space. As people will feel safer after seeing LED lights installed in your parking lot, the chances of customers stopping by your retail store or showroom will increase significantly.

What Makes Use the Most Trusted Service Providers for Commercial LEDParking Lot Lights?

While we are not the only store in Houston that has LED lights for sale, we are surely the most popular store offering these products and associated services. Are you wondering what has allowed us to become the most trusted name in the industry? It’s our working procedure.

We leave no stone unturned to ensure that our clients get true value for their money by hiring us to install LED parking lot lights. Here are a few things we do to ensure that our LED lighting solutions match the needs of our clients aptly.

We Take Care of Pole Placement:

Parking lot layouts can be of different types. However, one thing that’s common in most commercial parking spaces in that they have the light fixtures mounted on tall poles. This layout feature is adopted by most parking areas as having lights high above the ground enables better coverage.

When hired to replace existing light fixtures in a parking space with LED pole lights, our technicians survey the area to find out whether replacing the existing poles will enable better illumination in the area.

We offer commercial LED parking lot lights that deliver greater illumination and allow tailoring of light distribution. We can guarantee you the same or even better results by replacing the current light fixtures in your parking space with fewer LED units. If that’s the case, your parking lot will not need as many light poles as it used to have.

A team of experts representing our company will visit your place and decide whether it would be wise to remove the poles that don’t have any light fixtures mounted on them or leave them as they are. Of course, your decision as the owner of the place will also be taken into consideration.

The decision is affected by several factors such as the distance between two consecutive poles, pole height, and the poles’ structural integrity. Usually, if we find that the polesare sturdy enough and are complementing the aesthetics of the parking lot, we reuse them.

We’ll Help You to Decide Whether You Should Go for Replacement or Retrofitting:

The term “retrofitting” is used for the method of adding improved, and more advanced technology to a prevailing system. Our experts are known for handling projects involving retrofitting of commercial LED parking lot lights flawlessly. Unlike most of our competitors, who never encourage their clients to go for retrofitting as it brings in less profit for them, we always recommend retrofits if the condition permits.

We often meet people who are looking for LED parking lot lights for sale but are not interested in changing the existing aesthetics of their property. We try to stick to retrofits even when serving these people.

Similarly, if we feel that you will not get the desired results unless you get the old fixtures in your parking space replaced by LED parking lot lights, we don’t hesitate to recommend replacement instead of retrofitting. However, the final call will always be yours.

We’ll Ensure That the LEDs Installed in Your Parking Space Have the Ideal Light Characteristics:

Certain characteristics increase the efficacy of LED lights. These are features responsible for making some LED parking lot lights for sale better than others. Here are some examples of such characteristics:

  • Color Rendering Index or CRI
  • Correlated Color Temperature or CCT
  • Light distribution
  • Heat distribution
  • Safety ratings
  • Eco-friendliness

The LEDs we use score impressively in all these departments. We only use light bulbs that offer satisfactory color temperature. Depending on your requirements, we’ll install units offering a cool bluish or white light or a warm red or orange light.

Our collection also includes LED bulbs with different CRI ratings. This means you will get pieces that are perfect for illuminating objects in different lighting conditions. If you want, we can install commercial LED parking lot lights that would illuminate the area in a way so that it looks the same as it appears in natural light.

We’ll Pick the Right Wattage for Your Parking Space:

By now, you know that LED lights are more efficient than any other lighting options available on the market at the moment.

We know how to value this quality of LEDs. So, when choosing LEDs for your parking space we don’t consider the wattage of the bulbs. Instead, our focus remains on the lumens they offer. To put it more bluntly, instead of checking the wattage of the LED light bulbs in our collection, we check how much visible light the fixture will be able to produce.

We Offer Energy-Saving Controls for Extra Savings:

You will automatically save a significant amount of money by replacing the traditional lighting fixtures in your parking space with LED units. However, we want our clients to save even more than that. So, we provide them with controls that will turn the LEDs on and off automatically. This feature will ensure that the LED parking lot lights don’t remain on when they are not required. Two technologies we use for this purpose are as follows:

  • Photocells to keep the lights on from dusk to dawn: It’s unlikely that you will need to keep the LEDs in your parking lot switched on unless it’s extremely cloudy or stormy. If you switch the lights on and off manually, there may be days when you’ll forget to switch off the light after sunrise. This will unnecessarily increase your energy bills.Making the process automatic will help. So, we recommend the use of a photocell timer that would turn the lights off at sunrise and turn them on again at sunset. The timer will do its job precisely irrespective of the season or time of the year. These timers are special as they work by sensing the amount of available light.
  • Dimming and Motion Sensors: Having adequate light in the parking area is important forsafety, security, and of course appearance. However, you must ensure that the LEDs in your parking lot are not at their 100% capacity even when there’s no need for such bright light. We install motion sensors to solve this problem permanently. The motion sensors we install don’t switch the lights off. Instead, they adjust their brightness whenever there is no one in the parking lot.

Other than enjoying the above benefits by hiring us to install LEDs in your parking lot, you will also be greeted with amazing customer support. Our customer support team will always be ready to answer all your questions and clear all your confusions. One of the main reasons why our company is revered so much by the people in Houston is our after-sales service. We will be lending you the required support whenever you need it.

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