Commercial LED Parking Lot Lights

When it comes to making sure customers feel safe at night, parking lot lights have been an essential part of every business, ever since parking lot lights were invented. Recently when lighting companies began to provide LED lights for sale, LED parking lights are becoming the new standard due to the efficiency of the lumens per watt of these parking lot lights. LED Lighting of Houston has been a leading provider of Commercial LED parking lights.

LED Parking Lot Lights for sale

One of the LED lights for sale that LED lighting of Houston provides is known as the DoradoXL. These parking lot lights have been provided to places like retail centers and car dealerships. When it comes to commercial LED parking lights, not all of these parking lot lights have to be at five-thousand Kelvin. Typically people who are not familiar with LED parking lights (or lighting in general) think that every LED light for sale that we have is only that bright white (5000 K) color. But in the case of the DoradoXL, this parking lot light fixture comes in other color temperatures, such as three-thousand Kelvin and four-thousand Kelvin. This commercial LED parking lot light fixture has an input power ranging from around 96 watts to 347 watts and an efficacy ranging from 138 – 144 lumens per watt. It has an L70 rating 152,000 hours and, like most LED lights that we have for sale, has a 10 year warranty after purchasing.

Depending on what is needed as for as input voltage is concerned in these LED parking light fixtures, LED Lighting of Houston can provide a low voltage (120 – 277V) and high voltage (208 – 480V) version of the DoradoXL. This fixture is also built to withstand every weather condition that the city of Houston throws at it. And like all the other LED lights for sale, there are accessories that can be provided.

If you have a 25’ pole in your parking lot and are wanting to find a light that is close to day light, LED Lighting of Houston would suggest the fixture with we would suggest the following: QDXL1-23-50-UNVH-N-1-5M-N (DoradoXL Area Light: 31,000L | 5000K | 231W | 208-480V | 5M Lense | Bronze).