Outdoor sports field lighting is a specialized activity that involves illuminating large grounds or event venues. Powerful and energy-efficient LED sports lighting is the ideal choice for this purpose. LED Lighting of Houston supplies a huge variety of sports LED fixtures for various sporting events. We understand your specific requirements and are always ready to cater to your needs.

LED Lighting of Houston has experts who can create customized sports field lighting solutions. A sports ground is unlike any other outdoor area. Therefore, its illumination requirement is completely different. Most sports LED lighting fixtures are mounted on tall poles and need special fitting arrangements.

Take Advantage of Expert Sports Field Lighting Services

With our extensive experience in the sports field lighting arena, you can always find the best lighting solutions from our experts in Houston. We are committed to providing maximum customer satisfaction and therefore, devise strategies to fulfill your needs. If you are undecided about the kind of LED sports lighting you want for a venue, talk to our experts. We will provide site surveys and retrofits to analyze your requirements.

Due to the high maintenance cost of sports lighting, our clients prefer LED sports lighting. These are powerful, long lasting and have extremely low maintenance costs. It provides maximum light output but, consumes very little energy as compared to regular sports lights.
At LED Lighting of Houston, we offer a free Photometrics analysis which helps you to pick the right LED lighting fixtures. We utilize your building’s blueprint to map the project’s dimensions. Accordingly, we run tests to find out which sports LED fixtures are appropriate for your project.

Versatile Lighting Solutions from LED Lighting of Houston

We specialize in high performance LED lighting for commercial purposes. We have a wide variety of LED wallpacks, highbay fixtures, troffers, parking lights, flood lights, etc. If you want to check out our full catalog, leave your email address and our experts will soon get back to you. Our customer-centric sales team makes us one of the best lighting stores in Houston. We have in-house customer support and engineering team to provide the most appropriate solutions.

LED Lighting of Houston is a premier lighting solutions provider in the Houston area. We offer different types of interior and exterior LED lighting fixtures for commercial spaces. To know more about our products and services, give us a call at (832) 740 7983. Alternatively, you can reach us at sales@LEDLightingofHouston.com.