This high-end pole luminaire designed for functionality.



Fixtures available in multiple lumen packages, most popular item numbers below.

Please refer to LED spec sheet above for all LED fixture model information.

Custom packages available upon request.


Category Item Description
Dorado2 QD2-1-UNVH-12-50-5-135 Dorado2 Luminaire: 33,600L | 5000K | 275W | 347/480V | 12M Lense | Bronze | 1350mA | PS-Mount Included
Dorado2 QD2-1-UNVH-2-50-4-125 Dorado2 Luminaire: 23,000L | 5000K | 187W | 347/480V | 2M Lense | Bronze | 1250mA | PS-Mount Included
Dorado2 QD2-1-UNVH-2-50-6-125 Dorado2 Luminaire: 42,600L | 5000K | 344W | 347-480V | 2M Lense | Bronze | 1250mA | PS-Mount Included



The Dorado2 6-Qube LED is a high-performance fixtures that will provide light where you need it, as well as reduces operating costs of HID technologies. It is designed for vertical and horizontal outdoor applications. The Dorado2 has a lifetime of 100,000 hours*, which makes it an ideal replacement for any 1000W metal halide fixture. This LED features several mount options (slip-fitter, pole mount, or trunnion mount) for fast, simple installations.


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