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Improve your warehouse lighting with our warehouse LED lighting solutions. Call today to get pricing on our high bay fixtures and other lighting solutions.

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The EXSABay family is an economical high bay solution for warehouse LED lighting. Perfect for new installs or replacing existing fluorescent, high-pressure sodium and metal halide technologies. The ExsaBay is designed specifically for open area lighting distribution patterns, providing a variety of lumen packages ranging from 14m420 to 55,110 lumens. The ExsaBay is intended to be mounted via adjustable cable hangers in a typical mounting height range of 20-60′. Call today to find out about our complete lighting packages and schedule a consultation today.


From narrow aisles to wide open areas, the BayLine can light it all!  Available in lumen packages ranging from 15,100 to 34,450 lumens with surface mount and suspended mounting capabilities. This sleek high bay LED light fixture has multiple beam angle options, making it perfect for any lighting project. Call today to find out about our complete lighting packages and schedule a consultation today.

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Great lighting is essential for providing safety and security to you customers and employees.

Warehouse LED Lighting Fixtures

Because of its efficiency in the amount of light output to the amount of power it uses, warehouse LED lighting is slowly beginning to become the norm when it comes to lighting up a warehouse. Finding LED light fixtures Houston is becoming much more accessible for those who are looking for LED warehouse fixtures. In fact one of the most common google phrase is “light fixtures Houston” and typically what it would lead to is LED Lighting of Houston. When it comes to providing LED light fixtures, LED Lighting of Houston has been one of the leading providers of warehouse LED lighting.

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