Providing Proper & Adequate Lighting For Your Employees’ Safety Isn’t Only A Good Idea, It’s The Law.

Proper Lighting Saves Money Long Term

Employee safety is a top concern for any successful organization. Companies spend millions of dollars a year investing in formulating regulations, processes, and equipment to enhance worker safety. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has revitalized its efforts to enforce and regulate their safety standards. OSHA has increased their penalties by 78% since 2015. Companies are losing business opportunities, employee trust and revenue due to non-compliance. In 2016, a major manufacturing company of chain link fences was issued over $199,990.00 in OSHA penalties. These penalties included hazardous working conditions, lack of personal protective equipment and inadequate lighting for its workers.

Proper lighting for the workplace is vital to secure the safety of your employees and the longevity of productive workflow. In addition, an improper light configuration can also affect worker safety. Poorly distributed lighting, the improper contrast of lighting surfaces, fixture glare, and bulb flickering are all examples of improper lighting. Having your facility evaluated with a properly calculated photometric survey takes the guesswork out of knowing if your employees will have enough light to be safe and productive.

The Bayline: LED High Bay Lighting Can Increase Safety And Productivity

LED Lighting of Houston has a brand-new fixture on the market, the Bayline High Bay. This high-performance LED high bay lighting fixture achieves a very high lumen output while maintaining a lifespan over 200k hour. The Bayline High Bay series is a sleek and compact fixture that is designed, engineered and assembled here in the United States of America. LED Lighting of Houston firmly believes using the best components is essential to providing the best products for our customers.

This high bay features the best Philips drivers on the market, ultra-premium diodes, superior assembly, and the highest QA/QC processes, make our lights the best & longest lasting lights in the LED marketplace. The Bayline fixture ranges from a 15k – 34k lumen output is a direct replacement for a 400-1000-watt metal halide fixtures. The Bayline series fixtures can easily double or triple the number of foot candles that reach the ground floor, where your valuable workforce spends most of their time.

LED Offer Unparalleled Versatility

Traditional lighting fixtures lack the sustainability, efficiency and technology that modern LED lighting systems can provide. LEDs can feature built-in options like motion sensors, photocell daylight sensors, battery back-ups, and a range of light beam angles and interchangeable lenses. Examples of the Bayline light beam angle options are below.

Investing Quality Lighting Can Help Your Company Be More Profitable

Improving visual quality in your company’s facility is a safe and essential investment for growth. Avoiding fines, penalties, stop-work orders, and downtime due to worker injury, can be reduced with proactively upgrading to our commercial LED Lighting systems.  You can do your part to keep your employees safe in the workplace, so they make it home to their families at home each & every day. Upgrading your lighting systems do not only help with enhancing worker safety, but independent studies have also shown that quality lighting can improve worker productively by up to 20%.

A study conducted by the American Society of Interior Design revealed that 68 percent of employees complain about the lighting situation at their workstations. Improving worker safety while increasing worker productivity is a valuable asset and easy decision upgrade for any organization. Protect your investment & keep your employees safe with LED Lighting of Houston’s Bayline Highbay Lighting fixtures.