Project Description

The Luke Church, located in Humble, Texas, hired LED Lighting of Houston to upgrade their existing parking lot lighting. Their original lighting consumed over 1000 watts per fixture. For this project, we went with the Dorado 2 Luminaire built by US LED (model number listed below). This LED Parking Lot fixture used just 253 watts per fixture and saved the Luke Church 75% on their energy consumption.

Category Item Description
Dorado2 QD2-1-UNVH-5-50-5-125 Dorado2 Luminaire: 31,550L | 5000K | 253W | 347/480V | 5M Lense | Bronze | 1250mA | PS-Mount Included

The newest LED parking lot light from US LED is even more efficient. It can achieve 32,100 lumens at 232 watts! Combined with a 10-year warranty, and you’ve got on reason to avoid upgrading your parking lot lights. Give a call today and see how we LED Lighting of Houston can help you save big money by upgrading to new LED Lighting.