L-Grid Edge Xtreme 2×2

A total solution for T-Grid new construction or retrofit applications.



Fixtures available in multiple lumen packages, most popular item numbers below.

Please refer to LED spec sheet above for all LED fixture model information.

Custom packages available upon request.


Category Item Description
L-Grid Edge Extreme FTR1-14-35-80-M-FTU-UNV2-1050 Recessed Flat Panel 1×4 | 3500K | Medium Flux | 40.5 Watts | 4,100 Lumens *PRELIMINARY DATA*
L-Grid Edge Extreme FTR1-14-40-80-M-FTU-UNV2-1050 Recessed Flat Panel 1×4 | 4000K | Medium Flux | 40.5 Watts | 4,200 Lumens *PRELIMINARY DATA*
L-Grid Edge Extreme FTR1-14-50-80-FTU-UNV2-1050-FPSM Recessed Flat Panel 1×4 | Surface Mounted | 5000K | Medium Flux | 40.5 Watts | 4,550 Lumens *PRELIMINARY DATA*



This luminaire is a convenient installation option for T-Grid new construction and retrofit applications. The L-Grid Edge Xtreme 2×2 troffer delivers extraordinary light through a flat, frosted lens. Its unobtrusive style offer superior lighting, making it ideal for your workplace.


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