Minimally designed slim profile 2′ fixture with exceptional performance. Great for suspended installations.


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Fixtures available in multiple lumen packages, most popular item numbers below.

Please refer to LED spec sheet above for all LED fixture model information.

Custom packages available upon request.


DHDH1-2-1-50-1-2-DGOSDH1 Luminaire: 4665L | 5000K | 45W | High Flux | White | With Occupancy Sensor and Driver
_GL CloseoutsDH1-2-1-35-1-2DH1 Luminaire: 4400L | 3500K | 45W | High Flux | White | *Driver Not Included*
_GL CloseoutsDH1-2-1-40-1-1DH1 Luminaire: 4545L | 4000K | 45W | High Flux | Black | *Driver Not Included*


The DH1 is ideal for retail and commercial applications. This LED boasts high performance lighting through a diffused lens coupled with a thin, lightweight profile. Offered in a streamlined 24” design while providing remarkable light output in a slim package and competitive price. Great for suspended installations.