How Companies Are Saving Big Time with Interior

Warehouse LED Lighting in Houston

Alcon Manufacturing is grounded in cutting-edge innovation and breakthrough technology, transforming the way we treat eye diseases and conditions. Their warehouse requires tens of thousands of lumens of interior led light in order for warehouse staff to fulfill orders around the world, in essence to see. Their logistics team faced two problems that needed to be tackled, low visibility, and inefficiency in the warehouse fixtures currently being used.

Why should a business consider interior LED Lighting?

LED Lighting of Houston has years of experience helping businesses see what’s in front them, so they were up for a challenge. With 25 foot ceilings, Joshua Pitts from LED Lighting of Houston planned and executed the replacement of Alcon’s entire multiple city block warehouse with high-powered LED Exsabay Highbay LED Lighting warehouse fixtures.

For those that don’t know, light can be measured in a unit call a foot candle. A foot candle is a unit of illumination equal to that given by a source one candle at a distance of one foot (equivalent to one lumen per square foot or 10.764 lux). Think of it like horsepower but for lights. LED Lighting of Houston installed 305 total interior led lighting fixtures pumping out a total of nearly 9 million lumens. The existing light readings were 10-15 foot candles and after installation they range from 40-50 foot candles. The removal of over 500 existing T5 fluorescent fixtures resulted in a payback of 2 years and a ROI of over 22%.

The project was a huge success

Alcon removed all their T5 fluorescent fixtures for their warehouse space. Those T5 fixtures contain 4 bulbs at 53 watts each. That totals 212 watts but what most people don’t know is there is a ballast inside of the fixture that also pulls an extra 10% of energy. So while most people think the total wattage is 212 watts it’s actually closer to 233 watts.

Alcon’s warehouse staff could immediately see the difference in their workspace, finding items more easily and improving their team’s productivity. Though there were more benefits than met the eye.

Changing a room’s lighting can influence your psychological well-being. According to academic research not only is “Light… the stimulus that influences most the human perception, but also the psychophysical wellbeing of the individual in everyday life.” When employees have more endorphins, they are more likely to smile, be awake and have a better work day than those who are working in the dark. The brighter the work place, the better. Higher light levels also lead to a sager environment, especially one that contains heavy machinery such as forklifts.

Light can make you happier, and if you compound that benefit with increased productivity, lower long-term maintenance costs and lower energy costs, shouldn’t everyone consider changing the way they look at lighting their workspace?

The installation of interior led lighting not only saved money and reduced maintenance but contributed to a third factor that really made a difference. That last difference is the mindset. You might not believe this at first thought but more 5000 kelvin light increases endorphins.

Alcon employees will gain an advantage as they show of their brightly lit facility. Again, not a item that would be a main reason for purchasing the LED lighting but a really big benefit for the sales persons who are responsible for bringing in money to keep the company running,

There are three points to take away here. One is that simply changing the light bulbs (so to speak) can lead to more dollars in your pocket. Also, more efficient and higher power lights last longer and are much easier to maintain than traditional lighting. Finally, the right kind of light can lead to increased morale, increased productivity, and a happier, safer workplace.

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